After graduating, she stayed at OSU to teach at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature

with 8 years of experience living in America and being skilled at second-language teaching,

she has worked as a golden teacher at many well-known language training institutions in China.

Organized international English exchange programs have helped many Chinese and non-Chinese

universities establish friendships through various forms of communication and cooperation.

As one of the scholars of “performing-culture pedagogy”,

she is devoted to spread this method over to lives of children in China.

EngToBeyond International Academy is a part of Cynergy Future Education.

It focuses on creating an environment entirely based on American culture for Chinese students

while providing high-quality international education and helping to enhance English proficiency from all aspects.

Within our “flipped class” structure which also includes several other subjects such as art, science, mathematics, etc.,

we cultivate our students’ English mental and psychological driving force by

taking the American “performed-culture pedagogy method” as a cornerstone to incorporate different

pedagogical methods such as interdisciplinary courses pedagogy, contextual pedagogy, project-based pedagogy.

Our academic team with pure-American backgrounds provides Chinese families with

seamless one-stop counseling guiding them up throughK-12.

Cynergy Future Education belongs to Shanghai Cynergy Future Group.

There are currently three different main businesses at Cynergy Future Education:

Offline English Training, which includes TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and other standardized exams;

English language proficiency training for children around 3-14 years of age;

online English reading curriculum using picture books; North American Industrial Research Center;

and international course development research and collaboration and partnerships with overseas schools.

We create different learning scenarios for the children to learn and improve their comprehensive ability

to express their thoughts and emotions in American culture.

About the Program
ACA CAMP-American Cultural Ambassadors is Cynergy Futuer Education’s traditional non-profit language program that has previously held multiple sessions with great enthusiasm. The project aims to promote youth cultural exchanges between China and the United States, expand international horizons, and provide a broader platform for cross-cultural exchanges between Chinese and American adolescents.
Room 811, No. 53 Huangpu road, Hongkou District, Shanghai