From Native-English-Speaking Country

Certifide with an lnternational Teaching Qualifications

Graduate of High Quality University

Degree related to Education or Language-Learning

More than 2 years of Suject Related Teaching Experience

Loves Children Chinese Culture

Very Passionate about Adolescence Education.

Caitlin Reyes
Christine Oswald
McKenna S. Stewart
Michael McMasters
Dubiel Devon
Caitlin Reyes

Graduated from: The Ohio State University

Degree: Human Development and Family Science

Certified International Language Instructor

7 years of Teaching Experience

Worked at kindergarten affiliated with The Ohio State University

Caitlin is from Maumee,Ohio,USA. She graduated from The Ohio State University , a public lvy League University in United State , with a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences.She is a certified international language instructor and previously worked at a Kindergarten located inside of OSU.She is careful , open-minded and very enthusiastic when helping children of different ages to learn and grow according to their natures.She has seven years of teaching experience and participates in various international teaching projects.She has helped Chinese students prepare for TOEFL and IELTS,taught children of all ages on how to swim,and took part in the 18-month-to-5-years-old centered teaching program. Through “performing-culture pedagogy”, she hopes to continue to be able to support the children’s future in their studies and development.And that is why she joined ENGTOBEYOND; to help more students to learn American English and experience working in international classes.

Christine Oswald

Graduated from: The Ohio State University

Degree: International Relations and Diplomacy

Certified International Language Instructor

2 years of Teaching Experience

Certified TEFL, Experience in English teaching in Poland

Christine graduated from The Ohio State University in 2017 with a BA in International Relations and Diplomacy.

After graduation, she moved to Brussels, Belgium to complete her MA in Political Strategy and Communication at University of Kent. While in Brussels, she achieved her TEFL certification and taught English in Poland.

In addition to her passion for teaching, she loves travel and learning new languages.

McKenna S. Stewart

Graduated from: The Ohio State University

Degree: Speech and Hearing Science

Certified International Language Instructor

4 years of Teaching Experience

McKenna is from Cleveland, Ohio, and is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University (OSU) with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science. She has also completed a Minor in Education at OSU. Her past experiences student teaching, teaching English at an ESL summer camp in Hangzhou, and helping prepare Chinese students for the TOEFL and IELTS exams have fueled her passion for education and cross-cultural communication. McKenna has an upbeat, enthusiastic spirit along with a strong work ethic. She chose to work for ENGTOPIA because she has been a student of the Performed Culture Pedagogy approach in her intensive Chinese language courses at OSU, and recognizes its effectiveness in the field of foreign language teaching. McKenna is thrilled to have the chance to return to Hangzhou and teach English full-time. She will be receiving her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Pittsburgh upon returning to the States.

Michael McMasters

Graduated from: The Ohio State University

Degree: Music Education and Minoring in Business

Certified International Language Instructor

3 years of Teaching Experience

Michael from Columbus, Ohio, USA. He graduated from music education at Ohio State University (OSU) and taught at key schools in Columbus. Michael is good at combining stage acting with language lessons. He is versatile and good at Beatbox.

Dubiel Devon

Dubiel Devon

Graduated from: The University of Dayton (UD)

Degree: International Studies

Certified International Language Instructor

4 years of Teaching Experience

Devon is from Cleveland, Ohio and is a recent graduate of the University of Dayton (UD) with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies. While at UD, she also took courses to earn a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate. Devon is a cheerful, outgoing young woman with a passion for international education. She chose a position with ENGTOPIA because of her deep interest in the Chinese language and culture. Devon is very excited about the opportunity to begin teaching English and to apply the lessons she learned in her TESOL curriculum.

Professor of Chinese language at the Department of East Asian Languages

and Literature at The Ohio University

Dean of the OSU Chinese Flagship Program

Director of the National East Asian Languages Resource Center

President of Midwest American-Chinese Association

For more than 20 years, Professor Walker devored his time to study Chinese pedagogy. Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at OSU is America’s first and

only doctoral program for Chinese language pedagogy. He established “performing-culture pedagogy” according to how American’s learn other languages.Using these pedagogical methods,he trained a number of Americans who loved the Chinese language.

In 2003, he won the “Chinese Language and Culture Friendship Award”

awarded by the Ministry of Education of China.

So far,he is the only person to receive this honor in the English-speaking world.

Founder of Our Brand

CEO of Cynergy Future Education’s Brand: EngToBeyond

Graduated from The Ohio State University

Double Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Other Language (TESOL)

and Pedagogy Research After graduating, she stayed at OSU to teach at the Department

of East Asian Languages and Literature

With 8 years of experience living in America and being skilled at second-language teaching,

she has worked as a golden teacher at many well-known language training institutions in China.

Organized international English exchange programs have helped many Chinese and

non-Chinese universities establish friendships through various forms of communication and cooperation.

As one of the scholars of “performing-culture pedagogy”,

she is devoted to spread this method over to lives of children in China.

Director of Teaching and Research

Ms.Qianqian Zhang, Vice General Manager of Cynergy Future Education and

Director of EngToBeyond Teaching and Research

American Performing Pedagogist

Former Linguistics Teacher at The Ohio State University (OSU)

Spent many years in the past teaching different languages such as

Chinese, Japanese, and Cantonese

Ms. Zhang graduated from OSU with a bachelor’s degree in finance and Japanese.

Later, she obtained a master’s degree in applied statistics from the Department of

East Asian Languages and Literature.

Ms. Zhang has abundant working experience overseas.

She analyzed data and conducted experiments for TS Tech, an automotive supplier for Honda.

She has also worked in CCTV, a North American News Studio, and CLS Communication in Hong Kong, one of the top ten translation and consulting businesses in the world.

She is also one of the founders who started EngToBeyond International Academy hoping

to extend American performance based pedagogy and help children in China to learn English and

American culture leading them up to be able to speak English natively and

proficiently communicate in English.

Professor of Chinese language at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature

at The Ohio University

Tenure Professor at College of William and Mary at OSU

Director of the Chinese Flagship Program at OSU’s China Center

Professor Jian teaches Chinese literature and culture at American universities. His expertise is to apply the theory of Chinese behavioral culture to the development of Chinese pedagogical materials; to use audio and visual network technology to stimulate Chinese cultural environment; to design and organize study-abroad programs in China for American students, and more. Prof. Jian has published books and co-autnored several papers.

Room 811, No. 53 Huangpu road, Hongkou District, Shanghai