About Us
Shanghai Cynergy Future Group has been in the education management industry since 2011 promoting cultural exchange programs between United States and China. Over the years, we have established
partnerships with top American universities and institutions such as Ohio State University, Dayton University, Bowling Green State University and State University of New York.
In 2014, we have established Cynergy Future Education in Columbus, Ohio USA to introduce overseas resources to China. In our effort to bring more high quality overseas resources and reduce the shortage of foreign teachers, we have then founded Cynergy Future Recruitment in Shanghai as the local
headhunting arm to bring in international teaching experts to provide the highest teaching standards to China and to let our Chinese students see and feel the world through education.
Our Main Core Values
Our values define who we are and how we work, thus, Cynergy Future Recruiting Company operate with these core values to better serve our partners and teachers.
As experts in the education management industry, our passion is to bring in top international teaching experts to China and create a rewarding experience for both teachers and schools.
We are fully committed to serving our teachers and our schools to the best of our capacity and to ensure that we will be with you all they way from hiring high quality candidates to ensuring that our teachers are very satisfied of the jobs they are placed in.
We thrive in an honest and truthful work environment therefore all teachers and schools can be assured that we will be 100% upfront with you, and that you can always rely on us to provide you with the most detailed and accurate information to help you better.
Our team is composed of experienced, competent, skilled and dedicated professionals, who know the right balance in taking care of the needs of our teachers whilst catering to the needs of our
partners as well.
Contact Us
For further questions, you may reach out to us through:
Shanghai Office
Room 2305, BM lnterContinental Center ,Yutong Road, Jingan District, Shanghai
Room 2305, BM lnterContinental Center ,Yutong Road, Jingan District, Shanghai
Room 811, No. 53 Huangpu road, Hongkou District, Shanghai