Performed Culture Pedagogy comes from OSU, a public Ivy League school in the US.

The Chinese word “体演” came from the English word “performed”,

which includes concepts of knowledge, experience, development, perform and practice.

Among them, “culture” is the key concept in performed culture pedagogy,

which is neglected in most teaching methods.

We believe that learning a language should start from its culture and should be integrated into the classroom to help develop the process of gaining knowledge, experiencing, developing, and practicing in the classroom.

In EngToBeyond, we are not only learning a foreign language but how to do practical things with it.

And the more things we learn to do, the more expert we are in that language.

Performed-Culture Pedagogy

" Story "  as the basic unit of memory

Our workshop in EngTobeyond:

Learning practise, Drama, Musical, Creative reading, Creative writing etc.

Our teaching goal is lead the student to go through the learning process of experience,

development, perform and practice.

It’s a process of practice and self-improvement. While teaching language,

we pay more attention to the cultivation of students' quality.

We have incorporated five learning habits (HOL) into our daily teaching.

We are not only teaching a language but a series of lifelong habits.

No one learns a foreign language.

Rather, we learn how to do particular things in a foreign language; and the more things we learn to do,

the more expert we are in that language.

-- Galal Walker

Construct the blueprint of language learning according to the children's foundation and ability.

The Goal

The Advantage

Scientifically integrate various teaching materials, tools, props and reading books.

Accurately to match the students' English ability and their learning goals to maximize the learning efficiency.

Objective —— Through a long period of research and practice, we choose the best teaching materials conform to the Chinese students' learning habits and current educational situation.
Comprehensive  —— Combined with the British and American standard teaching materials are
   used together to maximize the learning effect.

Scientific  —— Control the process and speed of language learning properly.
                          Scientific to use teaching materials from different subjects.


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