Based on “Performed-Culture Pedagogy”, we can feel the learning of language through

Practice of emotional communication and language and cultural learning.

Learning Motivation Development
Essential Skills Acquisition
Critical Thinking Development

Phase 1 aims to develop students’ enthusiasm to learn American English through various creative and interactive activities.

Children of ages 3 to 6 are particularly sensitive to sound and pitch.

We will help them acquire an authentic American English accent during this critical learning period.

Students will be introduced to phonics and various original audio/visual media in class

to grasp the “absolute pitch” of American English pronunciation.

The K-level curriculum begins with the English alphabet and then transitions into words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Through EngToBeyong’s learning cycle, students can transter what they learn in class into their long term memories.

Phase 2 aims to enhance students’ ability to listen, speak, and read,

while also introducing writing through the use of creative writing projects during students’ fine motor skills development period.

Drama performance and script writing are used to encourage students’ creativity and imagination,

as well as to enforce the concept of “context” in communication.

Presentation and speech trainings are introduced to help students apply what they have learned in different contexts, which nurtures a sense of self-accomplishment and encouragement.

In Phase 2, students will develop good study habits and intrinsic learning motivation through our scientific and systematic learning cycle.

As a result, students will be able to achieve EngToBeyond’s goal of acquiring all four essential language skills.

Phase 3 aims to improve students’ critical thinking ability in English after they have built a firm foundation of basic English language skills.

Classes are designed based on language arts classes in the American school system, and localized based on Chinese students’ learning pace and habits to better strengthen their ability in the four main language skills.

Students will read required literatures from the American school system. In class, teachers will facilitate in-depth discussions and students will give presentations based on class readings. Students also will conduct “domain research” in their area of interest in order to form personal “expertise” in English.

Students will be introduced to academic and business communication styles in American culture.

“TOEFL Junior” test preparation is also provided to help students prepare for the cross-cultural communication they will encounter while visiting or studying abroad in an English-speaking country in the future.


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