We are not learning a foreign language but we are learning how to do practical things in the language.

The more things we can do through using the language, the better that we can master it.

The first time that James and Leo attended class,

the most touching moment occurred when at the end of class:

While we sang the "Clean Up Song,Leo followed Barbie and together they helped the teacher clean up the teaching props in the classroom.

There have many handcraft activity in our class.

The students take the initiative to ask our teachers for handmade stuffs.

The young students who come here are students who have studied at

other institutions for one month.

After they study with us in our classrooms,

follow Barbie's model answers in class,

and use sentences to express their ideas.

Look at these wonderful children!

Let's have a look at the scene of the children's first class experience.

Learning must be persistent.

In class, teachers can help students find problems,

point them out and give them strategies to practice.

Of course, we also should use this young child,

Wes, as an example for a good student.

After class, it is important to go and review!

One side of studying a picture book is acting out what is happening,

and the other side is learning how to read the lines and

understand their meaning.

Lets take a fun word quiz, and show everybody what immediate reaction are!

It is not necessary for students to strictly cram and memorize information

in the book.

Instead, descriptions of the pictures and lines can be sung.

The song of geometric format. Students both dance and study.

Thanksgiving Day has arrived! Come and see during class how we spend this holiday in our class.

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