Teach in China  ACA-TIC
ACA CAMP-American Cultural Ambassadors Camp is Cynergy Future Education’s traditional non-profit language program that has previously held multiple sessions with great enthusiasm. The project aims to promote youth cultural exchanges between China and the United States, expand
international horizons, and provide a broader platform for cross-cultural exchanges between Chinese and American adolescents. Our 7 to10-day American culture immersive summer camp is based on our performed culture
communication, and cooperate with a variety of extra curricular American club activities to cultivate team cooperation, communication ability, creativity and competence. The camp also guides students to experience the characteristics of American classroom and gives them an opportunity to immerse themselves in an American-English environment. With young American Ambassadors from the United States, learn together, live together, and build great international friendships.
pedagogical method combined with professional curriculum designed by our American academic
advisor team. The camp gives Chinese students an opportunity to work face to face with American ambassadors every day, exercise oral expression, improve self-learning and cross culture
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