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If you are one of those who love working with young learners from 2-6 years old, working in kindergartens might be your best fit. Kindergartens are mostly common in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities although you might find some as well in smaller cities. Most schools normally prefer
experienced teachers or teachers with Early Childhood Education degree.
Key takeaways of working in a Kindergarten:
Paid summer and winter holidays
Competitive Salary –
salary range is between RMB15,000 – RMB25,000 depending on qualifications
Weekend days off
Language Training centers for kids and adults are very much rampant across all cities in China. Students attend classes in late afternoons and weekends just to learn English. Teaching jobs in this type of education facility are most of the time easier to acquire due to its high demand for ESL teachers and hiring is all year round which means start dates are flexible. Working and teaching hours are normally less compared to kindergartens and international schools and number of students in the class is between 10-12.  Fresh graduates with teaching certificates are also welcome to apply depending on the city.
Key takeaways of working in private training centers:
Weekday days off – get a chance to enjoy the city and culture with less crowd
Classes start late in the afternoons during weekdays
Salary Range is between RMB15,000 – RMB22,000 depending on qualifications
Teaching and classroom management training will be provided to
assure you will be qualified for the job.
As the demand for English teachers in China continue to increase, International schools are also fast growing. This type of school is usually for children of wealthy expats who wants their children to have first class education. Majority of international schools follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum while some follow the foreign AP/ A-level curriculum. They usually require teachers with 2 years teaching experience from their home country.
Key Takeaways of working in International Schools:
Salary range is between RMB15, 000 to RMB 30,000
Regular working hours with weekends days off
2 months paid vacations yearly
Teachers in public schools usually enjoy lower teaching hours, less office hours and longer vacations.  There is also less foreign staff compared to training centers. Start dates are not flexible as well and starts in September. If you wish to teach in public schools, make sure you have your documents ready in advance.
Key Takeaways of working in Public Schools:
Regular working hours with weekends days off
Salary range is between RMB10,000 to RMB 20,000
Less to no office hours
Type Of School
China offers a variety of great teaching opportunities ranging from
kindergarten, international schools, kids and adults language training centers and public middle schools.
Whether you prefer to live in big or smaller cities, our recruiters can definitely help you find a suitable place to live and work according to your preference.
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