Interview Questions
Frequently Asked
Why do you want to teach? What are the motivations behind your decision to come to China and teach English? What do you think will be your challenges and what will you do to overcome it? Do you have any teaching experience or have you had any experiences working with children and adults? What do you think do the students need from their teacher? How comfortable are you with lesson planning and how important is it for you? Was there ever a time that you had to improvise your lesson plan? Tell me more about it. What are your classroom priorities? How do you manage difficult students? How do you encourage students who are very shy to join your class? What type of error correction techniques do you do that works well in the classroom? What are the differences between teaching young learners, middle school students and adults? Have you obtained any teaching certificates? What do you think are the main challenges of your TEFL course? Has your teaching style changed pre TEFL and post TEFL? How do you feel about working within a team from different countries and culture? In case conflicts arise, how will you resolve it? What type of feedback do you usually receive from your supervisors or directors? How comfortable are you attending trainings? What do you think are the areas in your teaching that you still need to improve on? What do you think are the qualities of a good educator? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you see yourself staying in the education industry for the long term
Room 811, No. 53 Huangpu road, Hongkou District, Shanghai