Bachelor’s Degree
Non-Criminal Record
Teaching Certificate/Reference Letter
Provide a clear scanned colored copy of your passport information page with at least a year of remaining validity at the time of visa application.
Your CV should provide details of your education, certifications and professional experiences.
Bachelor’s degree should be notarized/attested by your local government bureau then authenticated by the Chinese
consulate/embassy in your home country.
Non-criminal record or certificate of background check is also another document required for work permit application.

Please find below some information on how to apply for a non-criminal record per country. Note that this also needs to be notarized/attested by your local government and
authenticated by the Chinese embassy/consulate.
You need to have at least a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA teaching certificate with 120 hours certification to become eligible for work permit in China. This also needs to be
notarized/attested by your local government bureau prior to authenticating with the Chinese consulate/embassy.
Reference letter with at least 2 years related work
experience is also accepted in lieu of teaching certificate. This document doesn’t need to be authenticated but it has to indicate the exact dates of your employment (month, day, year) and should be in the company’s letterhead with the company’s official stamp or seal.
US Citizens
For US citizens, a national FBI check is usually required as proof non-criminal record. There are some cities that accept certificates issued by the local police department or department of Justice. You may refer to the FBI website below for further details.

UK Citizens
The following documents are recommended and acceptable for background check:
     Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS
     Disclosure Scotland
CA (Canadian) Citizens
Non-criminal background check for Canadian citizen can be acquired from RCMP. More information can be found from the website below.
Australia/Ireland/New Zealand and South African Citizens
Non-criminal record from these countries can be obtained from the their local police stations. Note that obtaining non-criminal record in South Africa takes around 1- 2 months.
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